Everyone has the right to belong

“A child needs to feel from the very start that she or he is wanted or loved. They should grow up in the soil of affection of care. There is no replacement for that, it is the most important thing. If that isn’t right from the very beginning, then everything that follows is playing catch up – trying to make better that which isn’t good. “
Michael Morpurgo

What is Arnold the Wonder Dog?

Being human isn’t easy. There are no guidebooks, manuals or youtube videos. We learn from each other, our parents, families, friends and teachers. And if all goes well, as we travel along the path to adulthood, we experience moments of awe, wonder and exciting adventure. The impact of these moments is immeasurable, and we take a few knocks on the way but with growing resilience and confidence, everything we experience helps to shape and grow us as happy, confident and secure human beings.  

However, for many children, the journey to adulthood is more difficult. The challenges are too challenging, the adventures are more frightening than exciting, and people are confusing. Combined, they deliver a journey to adulthood which is littered with uncertainty, self-doubt and fear. Unless we act, unless we intervene, happiness, confidence and self-esteem are all at risk. At Arnold the Wonder Dog Ltd., we are committed to working with children and young people for whom life is more difficult. We believe that every child has a wealth of talent and superpower and with personalised care and intervention, every child will discover their true worth and develop into secure, happy and successful adults. Sometimes children and  young people struggle to communicate with adults to tell them how they are feeling and instead act out their behaviour in a negative or destructive way. This is where Arnold the Wonder Dog Ltd. comes in to action. The children and young people are able to speak to Arnold without any fear of being judged or talked down to. Then, through his human, as his voice, Arnold is able to give advice and support.    

The team at Arnold the Wonder Dog Ltd. bring skill, commitment and passion to their work with children and young people. Founded on child development theory, their approach places the child or young person at the centre of all they do. Building a positive relationship based on trust and mutual respect, they deliver a co-ordinated and personalised plan with the aims of supporting every child to grow in self-esteem, manage and self-regulate, feel worthy and able to co-operate.  

Ultimately, every child deserves to belong. 


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