Our Services

Arnold the Wonder Dog Ltd. is here to help those people: child, young person or adult who are a little lost in the world or struggle to express themselves due to low self-esteem, self-worth or confidence. Sometimes, it is hard to fit in or belong.

Arnold the Wonder Dog Ltd. has some answers to how we can support and nourish these young people to grow to adulthood where they can manage and find their way in the world. 

With the support of his humans, Emma Scott and Trudy Read, Arnold the Cavachon, also provides a listening ear for them to off load their anxieties.

Children and young people involved in a programme of support will receive unconditional love from him and he doesn’t expect anything back in return (apart from a cuddle and maybe the odd treat). Through his humans, Arnold can give advice and encouragement in dealing with the difficult situations children and young people face.

We prefer to meet with all those involved: parents, carers, school representatives, employers to discuss our service and to devise an entirely personalised programme which caters for the needs of each child, young person or adult with whom we work.

At every initial meeting, we will discuss together, how best to support the person in need.

We offer a range of service:

  1. based at school or college
  2. in the home
  3. in the work place

Please contact us for further discussions and to find out how the Team at Arnold the Wonder Dog can help.