It's great to receive and read feedback from our clients and learn that Arnold is helping children, young people and adults to thrive:

   YMCA Trinity Group: CYPS

  “Arnold the Wonder Dog, with the support of Emma Scott, aims to help children, young people and even adults who are a little lost in the world or struggle to express themselves due to low self-esteem, self-worth or confidence. Those who are fortunate to meet him are able to speak to Arnold without any fear of being judged or talked down to.

  Arnold has now visited us twice and our residents adore his company. He is very comforting and the residents have felt calm and at ease when he is here. Arnold is more than happy to lay and have his tummy stroked by all the residents!

  The young people were chatting at ease while Arnold was here, even opening up with worries and concerns. Treats were brought for Arnold which the young people gave to him and they are hoping his visits can become a permanent arrangement!

  See you soon, Arnold!”

  Tash Wightman, Accommodation Manager, YMCA, January 2020

Feedback from The Willows Primary School, Ipswich, Suffolk.         

“Having Arnold and his human, Emma in school every week has made a massive impact on the well being of our whole school community.  He has worked with a wide variety of children, all of whom have faced different challenges engaging with school and learning. Taking Arnold for a walk, playing fetch with him, or simply spending time with him has enabled these learners to open up, talk about their feelings and emotions and given them a way to reconnect with school.  Alongside Arnold, we have also been privileged to work with his human Emma; someone with a huge range of experience and skills that have proved invaluable when working with our vulnerable pupils. Her gentle and kind approach has meant that we have really improved school life for so many children. We couldn’t be more pleased with the impact that Arnold and Emma have had on the children here and we are very proud that they are part of our Willows team.”

 Viv Hunt, Deputy Head Teacher and Inclusion Lead, September 2019

  Feedback from Castle Hill Primary School, Ipswich, Suffolk.

  “Thank you for bringing the services of Arnold and Emma into the lives of the children at Castle Hill. The therapy has had such a major impact on our children and has made a real difference in their daily lived experience. I have seen children smile that haven’t smiled in such a long while, children’s heads coming out of their hoodies and children talking that haven’t before. Amazing!”

  Louise Pattinson, Inclusion Lead/SENDCo., December 2018